The department has an outstanding track record of accomplishments. The department has consistently been ranked at the top by various surveys. Apart from that, the faculty and students of the department also receive accolades for research academic activities.

  • The department consistently remains at the top in the rankings due to its excellent track record and facilities.

Highest Percentage of Placement along with Very Good Salary Package (in Institute Placement 2022).

Shesh Paplikar (Founder and CEO) and Monnappa Bayavanda (Co-Founder), BHIVE Workspace (Founded Year 2014, Net worth $2.5 Million as of 2022)

Kalyan S (Co-Founder) 5C Network Pvt. Ltd. (Founded Year 2014, Net Worth $18.9 Million as of Jan 2022)

Dr. Suhas L.Y. Won silver medal in Shuttle Badminton in Tokyo Paralympics, 2021 and awarded honorary doctorate by NITK in 2021.

New Academic Building with Modern Faceilities (Year 2019, Net Worth Rs. 40 Crore)

Jitendra Jagdev (Co-founder) Nestaway Pvt. Ltd., ( Founded Year 2015, Net worth-$330 Million as of 2019)

Ranked 8th All India and 1st among NITs in top government T-Schools of India by Dataquest.

Ranked 12th All India and 1st among NITs in top Government Technical Universities by The WEEK

Ranked 8th All India and 1st among NITs in Best Engineering College by IndiaToday.

Ranked 2nd All India and 1st among NITs in Top Engineering Colleges by GHRDC

Ranked 9th All India in Top Engineering Colleges by Outlook India

Ranked 22nd All India in Top Engineering Colleges by NIRF, MHRD India

Ranked 9th All India in Top Engineering Colleges by Silicon India

Ranked 306th in World in Top Universities by UI Green Metric


S. No.

Name of the faculty members

Name of award




Dr. K. Chandrasekaran

Best Paper award for the paper “Load Balancing of virtual Machine Resources in Cloud Using Genetic Algorithm,” in 7th Int. Conf. on Communication Networks, August 9-11, 2013, Bengaluru.

Member of the Editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

Member of the “IEEE Cloud Computing STC’s Conference Executive TCS Committee”, USA.

Best Paper award for the paper “Identification of Parameters for Trust Management Wireless Sensor Networks,” in 8th Int. Conf. on Communication Networks, July 25-27, 2014, Bengaluru.




Dr. P. Santhi Thilagam

Technical commitee Member at International Conference on Technical Advancements in Computers and Communication on 10th & 11th April 2017, Tamil Nadu, India

S Ramanujan Lecture Presenter Award, 30th National convention of Computer Engineers, The Institution of Engineers (India), 18-19 February  2015.

A Team of B.Tech Students ( mlm_hack_you ) has won the 2nd place in SCTF 2012, a national level capture the  flag style hacking contest, International Conference on Security Internet Things, Aug 17-19,

2012, Amrita University - Faculty Mentor.

BITES Best PhD Thesis Award for the year 2009 in the category of "Computer Science & Engineering", 2010.

Best paper award for the paper “A Simplified Graph Approach for Mining Biological Network”, International Conference on Bioinformatics and Diabetes Mellitus, ICBDM'06, 25-27th March 2006.

“Communication between PC and Bluetooth Enabled Devices”(NATIONAL AWARD FOR BEST UG PROJECTS- 2005) [Raghuveer Y. Talekar & Siddu B. Yalawar, 2005, Guide Dr. P. Santhi Thilagam]

Best paper award at National Conference on Advanced Computing -2003, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore for the paper titled “A hybrid load balancing solution based on the concept of packet rewriting”.


Dr. Annappa

Invited as a Visiting expert to Universite des Mascareignes Mauritius during 19th May to 18th June 2017.

Best paper award for the paper “Enhancing response time for distributed computing applications by harnessing recommender systems and social networks”, ICC 2014. Elsevier.


Dr. Alwyn Roshan Pais

Received grant from the Ministry of Electronics an dInformation Technology (MeitY) to prepare video lecture material for Algorithm and Computational Complexity and Applied Cryptography courses.

Received Google Cloud COVID-19 research award credits of $10,000 for the project of " Deep Learning Models for COVID-19" in 2020.

Best paper award for the paper “Detecting & Defeating Split Personality Malware", in an International Conference SECURWARE 2011, France


Mrs. Saumya Hegde

Best Paper award for the paper “Securing the Network Topology in a Source Routing Multi Domain SDN”, ICACEA 2014.




Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi

Dr. Shashidhar G Koolagudi, identified as global Researchers among Top 2% global scientists in 2022 – A study by Elsevier BV - Stanford University

Best Paper award for the paper “Age Approximation from Speech using Gaussian Mixture Models”,

2nd International Conference ADCONS’13, December 15-17, 2013, NITK-Surathkal.


Dr. B.R.Chandavarkar

Best Paper Award at COMSNET 2020<Award Certificate>. 02-Feb-2020 to Dr. B.R.Chandavarkar,  Mr. Ajay Jangid & Mr. Priyansh Dubey. 


Dr. Jeny Rajan

Received Google Cloud COVID-19 research award credits of $7,600 for the project of "Artificial Intelligencebased tool for COVID-19 Detection" in 2020

Young system scientist award, 2016, from System Society of India on 4th November 2016.




Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani

Mentored and administered various projects in Google Summer of Code in 2019,2020, 2021 and 2022

Received consultancy project titled "Future Internet Architecture for OPC UA and TSN based Distributed Control Systems"

from ABB Global Industries and Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.  01-Aug-2019,

Selected as a Mentor for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) from ns-3 organization (30th May 2017 to 21st Aug 2017)

EMC Young Achiever Awards 2015, from EMC Corporation. 12th February 2015 at Le-Meridian Chennai


Dr. Manu Basavaraju

Received Research Grant for the Project titled  "Restricted Proper Edge Colorings Of Graphs"  by Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support(MATRICS)SERB -  DST, Govt. of India.  29-Jan-2020


Dr. Basavaraj Talwar

IBM Faculty Award and Visveswarya Young Faculty Research Fellowship, MeitY in 2019


Prof. Swapan Bhattacharya(Former Director)

ET NOW National Education Leadership Award

  • Participation in national/international competitive events by students and Publications. (Click here for details)

  • Uma Priya D & P. Santhi Thilagam, "JSON Documents Clustering based on Structural Similarity and Semantic Fusion", in 5th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Engineering (ICCIDE-2022), 12th-13th August 2022, India. (BEST PAPER)

  • Malcolm Fernandes,  Toastmasters District 121,  Semi-final Participation Event conducted on 5/27/2022

  • Malcolm Fernandes, Toastmaster Division F Evaluation Contest 3rd Place  Event conducted on 4/10/2022

  • Malcolm Fernandes Area F2 Evaluation Contest 1st Place Event conducted on 3/27/2022

  • Videh Raj, Nema, Neural Information Processing Systems, 2021, Recipient of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2022 @Caltech

  • Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj, IAS, DM, Noida,  Batch of  2004 from Computer Science and Engineering Department,  won a Silver medal in Men’s Badminton Singles, Category-SL4 in Paralympics - 2021, held at Tokyo, Japan.(details)

  • Shreeraksha R Aithal, K V Sumanth Reddy, Shuddhatm choudhary got Highest Package - 45.03 LPA in 2021-22.

  • Samyak Sanjay Sand Secured 11th rank in IOF National Cyver Qualifier Round 2 and Rank 175 in IOF National Chemistry Qualifier, IET India Scholarship award 2021.

  • Vignesh Srinivasan secured Best paper award at International Conference on Big Data Engineering and Technology (BDET), 2021.

  • Arpana Chakma (PG, student, CSE, NITK Surathkal)  Awarded the best paper in the poster (short paper) for "MatchCloud: Service Matching for Multi Cloud Marketplace" by 13th COMMENTS 2021 held on 5th-9th, Jan 2021.(Certificate)

  • Awanit Ranjan won 1st place in the south zone and 4th place globally in the Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy 2020.

  • Shreeraksha R Aithal,  Recipient of Generation Google Scholarship in 2020, Asia Pacific region 2020 

  • Shambul Arifa won Best Hack Built on Ethereum in SheHacks by IIITA-2019.

  • Shubham Badal: (2012-16) , Founder CybrHome: (in 2015) www. cybrhome. com Team "code_pheonix", comprising of Ajinkya Parab, Prabhu Dayal Sahoo, Yogesh Gaturle, final year B.Tech, CSE students have for the first time in the history of NITs reached the world finals of the ACM-ICPC 2017 to be held at Rapid City, South Dakota, USA.

  • Gaurav Verma (2012-16) won Gold Medal in Computer Science and Engineering in “All India Design Competition for Engineering Students, 2015”organized by The Institute of Engineers (India) held on 11 October, 2015.

  • Mr. Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan, 8th Sem B.Tech(CSE) has been accepted to the Ph.D.program of the Language Technologies Institute in the School  of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University starting in the Fall 2015 semester with Research Fellowship.

  • Anirban Chakraborty and Arijit Mallik published An Windows 8 app for Microsoft NIT Surathkal Bootcamp: Appathon which is rated as Silver by Windows8Pit Crew and is in Windows Store now.

  • Anirban Chakraborty presented a Poster Paper at Security and Privacy Symposium 2014 held at IIT Kanpur

  • Tarun Jain presented a research paper at IEEE International Conference "Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT-2014)" held at R.G. Society, Rohtak, Haryana.

  • Jivak Dhadse presented a research paper at IEEE International Conference "Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT-2014)" held at R.G. Society, Rohtak, Haryana.

  • Sarat Chandra Prasad G got best Paper Award for the paper “Securing the Network Topology in a Source Routing Multi Domain SDN”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), ISSN: 0975-8887, Volume ICACEA - No. 3, 2014.

  • Arun V. Hegde Memorial Cash Prize for Karthik C (11CO47), VI semester B.Tech.(CSE) and Chetan Dugar (10CO106),VIII B.Tech.(CSE)  securing more than 7.5(S.G.P.A.).

  • Mahila Samithi KIOCL “Kudremukh” scholarship to Abhishek Maheshwari (12CO108), IV semester B.Tech.(CSE).

  • Prof. V. Rajaraman’s cash Award to Chetan Dugar (10CO106), VIII B.Tech.(CSE)  for highest CGPA from I to VII semester for the year 2013-14.

  • IEEEXtreme Programming Contest 6.0: Team KodeKallas: Ananthatejas R (09CO12) VIII semester B.Tech. , Suhas G P, Shanshank S is ranked I in India with global rank of 91.

  • Ananthatejas Raghavan and Madhuri Shanbhogue received the Richard E Merwin scholarship from IEEE Computer Society.

  • Team comprising of Chandramouli Sharma (10CO21) VI semester B.Tech., Vivek Yadav, and Madhuri Shanbhouge (09CO47) VIII semester B.Tech., are among the top 10 for the idea of Interactive Environmental Science Platform which are already been taken up as a project in IEEE Computer Society.

  • Prof. V. Rajaraman's Cash award to Abhinit Modi (10CO26),VIII B.Tech (CSE) for highest CGPA from I to VII semester for the year 2012-13.

  • Gopala Krishna Holla (08CO25), secured DAAD Scholarship at Fachhochschule Dortmund, University of Applied Sciences and Arts located in Dortmund, Germany

  • M.Tech. (2013-15) one student got internship in Amazon, five in Intel and two in Broadcom

  • Team "code_pheonix", comprising of Ajinkya Parab, Prabhu Dayal Sahoo, Yogesh Gaturle, final year B.Tech, CSE students have for the first time in the history of NITs reached the world finals of the  ACM-ICPC 2017 to be held at Rapid City, South Dakota , USA.

 The department has placed a strong emphasis on research and has produced a number of patents over the years.

Patents Granted:

  • Patent granted to Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi, Mr. Pravin B. Ramteke, Mr. Shreyas Joshi, " Degraded Speech Recognition using Signal Envelope",  Application number: 201641007122, Filing date: 01/03/2016 Date of grant: 25/09/2023

  • B. R. Chandavarkar, Gautam Ramakrishnan, V. Saicharan, Mohit Bhasi, "A TRAVELLERS’ OPTIMUM ROUTE RECOMMENDATION SYSTEM",  Application number: 202041023873, Filing date: 08/06/2020 Date of grant: 17/08/2023

  • Shashidhar G Koolagudi- Pavan Kumar K Y, Naveen K S, “Use of Diacritical Marks for Speech Synthesis”, Application number: 201641005231, Filing date: 15-Feb-2016 Date of Grant: 30-Aug-2022

Patents Filed:

  • K. Chandrasekaran, Marimuthu C., “Method and tool for designing green and sustainable software using Unified Modeling Language (UML)”, Indian Patent, Application Number: 201641022442, Filing date: 14-July-2016

  • K. Chandrasekaran, Santhanam Raghavan, “A Dynamic System and a method for facilitating service selection in Cloud”, Indian Patent, Application Number: 201641000437, Filing date: 22-Jan-16

  • Shashidhar G Koolagudi, Mukund A, Rohit C and Pravin Ramteke “Method and Device for determining Turbidity Levels in Water”, Application number: 201641025734, Filing date: 27-July-2016

  • Shashidhar G Koolagudi, Prof. M B Saidutta (Dean, AAIR), “Degraded Speech Recognition using Signal” Envelope Invoice number: 201641007122, Filing date: 1-March-2016

  • Shashidhar G Koolagudi, Pavan Kumar K Y, Naveen K S, “Use of Diacritical Marks for Speech Synthesis”, Application number: 201641005231, Filing date: 15-Feb-2016

  • Dr. B.R.Chandavarkar, V Saicharan and Mohit Bansi, “Rhombus-based travellers’ optimum route recommendation system” - Filed (Oms Reference C.000762)

  • Dr. Shashidhar G Koolagudi- Numerical Relation Extraction and Plotting with TEXT2GRAPH- Filed ( C.000845)

Patent Under Process:

  • P. Santhi Thilagam , Amit Praseed, “System and Method for Detecting Asymmetric Application Layer DDoS Attacks using User Access Pattern Model”  : under process (2019)

  • Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani- Network Stack Tester (NeST): An open source network emulator designed and developed at the Dept. of CSE, NITK Surathkal. This tool is being used for consultancy projects with two industries. (


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