R & D Projects :
  1. Information Security Education and awareness Phase-II-sponsored by DIT MCIT, PI: Dr. Alwyn Roshan Pais Co-PI: Dr. P. Santhi Thilagam, at the cost of 2.7 crore(Approx), 2015-2020
  2. Design of a modular FPGA accelerated Chip Multiprocessor Architecture Simulator - sponsored by DST, PI: Dr. Basavaraj Talawar, at the cost of 26.9 Lakhs, 2016-2019
  3. An automatic system for identification of phonological processes in children of age two and half to six and half years - sponsored by DST, PI: Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi, Co-PI: Prof. Venkat Raja at the cost of 30.00 Lakhs, 2016-2019
  4. Retinal cysts identification and quantification from low SNR optical coherence tomography scans using image processing techniques- sponsored by DST (SERB EMR grant) PI: Dr. Jeny Rajan, Co- PI: Dr. Shashidhar G Koolagudi and Dr. Abhishek Kothari at the cost of 33.5 lakhs(Approx), 2017-2019
  5. Development of Tool for Detecting of Application Layer Distributed Denial of Service Attacks on Web Applications-- sponsored by MEITY Government of India, PI: Dr. P. Santhi Thilagam at the cost of 29.78 Lakhs, 2017-2019
  6. Characterization and identification of dialects in Kannada Language- sponsored by DST-Science & Engineering Research Board(SERB) PI: Dr. Shashidhar G. Koolagudi at the cost of 35 Lakhs, 2017-2020
  7. CP-ABE Scheme with Decryption Keys of Constant Size using ECC with Expensive Threshold Access – sponsored by DST .   PI:Alwyn Roshan Pais,         Co-PI(s): Dr. P. Santhi Thilagam &    Mr. Mahendra Pratap Singh at the cost of  31.12 Lakhs , 2018-2021
  8. Automatic detection and quantification of focal cortical dysplasia regions from magnetic resonance brain images using machine Learning techniques sponsored by DST (CSRI). PI: Dr.Jeny Rajan at the cost of  33.09 Lakhs, 2018-2021
  9. Quantitative Understanding of Energy in NFV Frameworks (QUEEN) sponsored by Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. PI: Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani , Co-PI(s): Dr. Basavaraj Talawar at the cost of 48 Lakhs, 2018-2020
  10. Multi Graph based Anomaly Detection Model for Social Network Analysis using Machine Learning sponsored by DST , PI: Dr. M.Venkatesan, at the cost 19.72 Lakhs, 2019-2022
  11. CAMP 81, Prototype of a reliable ICN Router using Non-Volatile Memory sponsored by NITK Alumni’ 81 batch, PI: Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani, CO-PI: Dr. Basavaraj Talawar at the cost of 1 Lakh, 2019-2021
  12. Design and Implementation of Multi-Attribute Void-Aware Routing Algorithm for Software-Defined Underwater Acoustic Modems sponsored by SERB, PI: Dr. Beerappa Rama Chandavarkar at the cost of 44 Lakhs, 2019- 2022
  13. Speaker Recognition System for Kannada Language in Emotional Environment Sponsored by DST, PI:Dr Shashidhar G Koolagudi at the cost of 4 Lakhs, 2019-2022
  14. Restricted Proper Edge Colorings Of Graphs  sponsored by Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support (MATRICS), SERB,  DST at the cost of 2.2 Lakhs, 2020-2023



Title of Consultancy

Name of the Guide/ Investigator

Funding Agency

Name of the Student involved

Status/ Amt.



Consultancy work for IT Company at Bangalore DataXu India Private Limited, Bangalore

Dr. K. Chandrasekaran

DataXu India Private Limited


Discussion Ongoing



Development of Face Detection and Face Recognition System for IDrive Software (India) Pvt.  Ltd

Dr. Jeny Rajan

IDrive Software (India) Pvt.  Ltd



Rs. 2.25 Lakhs



Artificial Intelligence based System to automatically classify images from PBC Inspection machines.

Dr. Jeny Rajan

Pixellogic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Rs. 6.71 Lakhs



Future Internet Architecture for OPC UA and TSN based Distributed Control Systems.

Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani

ABB Global Industries and Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore



Rs. 11.80 Lakhs


(06 months)



Department has a strong interaction with the industry giants like IBM as well as Government organizations. The department has signed MoUs with the following establishments.


Details of MoU

Sl. No.

MOU Signed With*

Title of MOU

MOU Purpose

MOU Signing Date

MOU Validity (in years)

Amount Received


IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

NITK-IBM Computer Systems Research Group (NCSRG)

Establishment of a new research group named "NITK- IBM Computer Systems Research Group (NCSRG)" at NITK, Surathkal in order to foster long-term collaboration between IBM India Systems and Development Labs(ISDL) and NITK,  Surathkal


03 years



Father Mullers Hospital, Mangalore

General MoU for academic and Research Cooperation between Father Mullers Medical College and NITK, Surathkal

Research/  Manpower Development


05 years



Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology

Research/ Manpower Development

ISEA Phase-II Project


05 years

Rs. 56.17



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